Just discovered this gem in our break room. From grad students that smacks more of desperation than determination…

Further update of my day: in my capacity as Co-President of the Departmental Whatchamacallit, I have to help maintain our Grad Lounge and oh dear god, it is an anal organizer’s nightmare. I.e. my nightmare. AUGH.

Campus and all of its environs are bloody well crawling with confused students and their parents and being a New Yorker forced to walk at snail’s pace behind these hordes of clueless people on my sidewalks is my own personal version of fucking purgatory

So I just had to share the newest addition to my Motivational Musketeers Window Frame - illustrate-her's hoover-wielding Porthos, because really, who wouldn't draw inspiration from that when needing To Essay. And then I realized I had never asked agarthanguide if I could share the motivational Sexy Adorableness that she made for me several months ago, and decided that needed to be rectified. Adapt and adopt as desired, kids. *G*


DID SOMEBODY (commonplacecaz? agarthanguide?)   SAY PORTHOS WITH A HOOVER?


Oh Howard. You’re such a doofus.




Musketeers fandom artists: plz to be doing something with Howard Charles saying that Porthos could even use a hoover as a weapon had they existed back then

'cause I mean

Josephine Finda Sellu, deputy matron, is one of only three nurses at her hospital in Kenema, Sierra Leone to have survived through the entire Ebola epidemic thus far. 

(New York Times article)