On a brighter side, I am feeling a bit badass this morning. (It’s finally cool enough outside for leather, yessssss)

Why yes professor sir, it is TOTALLY okay to tell us four hours before your class that you want us all to print out and produce careful comments on our classmates’ work (an assignment which made most of us deeply uncomfortable because it involved posting critical observations of ourselves and our work online), completely ignoring the fact that SOME of us have classes and meetings solidly between now and then and won’t even get to eat lunch after having also skipped breakfast because of reading.

No but really, I just need to make it as clear as possible how stupidly attractive/perv-worthy/perfectly moody Venyamin Smekhov was as Athos in 1978.

From bits and pieces I’ve seen about his career online, it seems he was also pretty badass about standing up for the rights of actors and creators against censorship in the USSR, and has always been active in the theatre and with writing books for children and adults.

YO tartapplesauce and anyone else who might be interested, BEHOLD the magnificence that is the 1978 Russian D’Artanyan i tri mushketyora (in three parts; first part above). This YouTube version unfortunately doesn’t have subtitles but it’s pretty easy to follow/very close to the book, and if you’re desperate for subtitles at some point it is available in some places on DVD (I managed to get ahold of a Region 1 version a while ago, yay for me).

Oh but guys, really, I CANNOT spiel enough about how wonderful this version is. It’s full of fun and glass-house type EMOTIONS and Milady is an awesome cackling witch while Rochefort just facepalms along in her wake and this Aramis is definitely one of the best ones ever and the SINGING guys did I mention the SINGING they are SINGING all the time and it will simultaneously make you fall off your chair wheezing and make your heart hurt because Athos’s angsty Comte de la Fere song is the best thing ever. 

oh dear god it has just been revealed that someone once wrote a drinking song for our students’ association

to the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic

They say that wine holds wisdom and that beer brings happiness.
I drink wine with my professors, but it’s beer with all the rest.
Oh Clio, I did love you so — Why am in this mess?
Please make my research strong OH GODDDDDDDD



Emma Sulkowicz is on the cover of this month’s New York Magazine and that is the coolest thing wow

DUUUUDE this is a huge fucking deal honestly

Vaguely outing myself in terms of what I do, where: I’ve seen her several times in the course of my days and every time I have been astounded, to the point of physical and emotional shock, by how brave she is.

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