My Inner Goddess is SO HAPPY right now.

But actually this is about a) me not having bought myself any serious or nice clothes in about two years because I had other things on my mind/didn’t have the money and b) the fact that I’ve decided it’s high time for me to be an Adult and stop schlubbing around in jeans and t-shirts, especially in front of my putative students. The solution was, obviously, an afternoon of shop-til-you-drop with my sister and an average per-item price of about $16. Mwahahah. 

(I found a dress which is literally perfect for my weird-ass figure, it is a MIRACLE. So I bought two, duh.)

I just did a small round of unfollowing and I feel like a dirtbag for it but - I realized today that it’s started to take me 45 minutes to an hour every morning just to catch up on what’s happened on my Dash overnight and I really, really, really can’t afford that time this semester. So apologies to a few, love to all; nothing personal, as ever.

Possibly my best present yesterday (JFC I WAS SO SPOILED GUYS I WAS EMBARRASSED FOR MYSELF BY THE END) was a 22-CD set of John Eliot Gardiner and his ensembles - i.e. my musical heroes - doing all of the great Bach sacred works and 35 of the cantatas. Currently melting to the harmonies at the start of the Bm Mass and marveling at how lucky I am to have The Boy around.

For the past three years my piercings (ears - three right, one left) have been pissing me the hell off by getting gross and infected every time I have the temerity to, I dunno, wear earrings. I’ve done everything possible to try to keep them clean and healthy, but nothing has worked; every time I put something in it takes 2+ weeks for them to heal enough for me to try again. So I’ve finally decided to go to clips, wraps, and cuffs.

On the downside, this means I need to replace most of my fairly extensive current collection of earrings (though hopefully I’ll still be able to use some of them thanks to clip converters). 

On the upside, wraps and cuffs are really damn cool and I just got myself SIXTEEN pairs/wraps/cuffs off of Ali Baba for less than forty dollars.

I’ll post a picture once my silver ear-devouring dragon wrap arrives. Heheheh.


William I, Prince of Orange (24 April 1533 – 10 July 1584), also widely known as William the Silent.







This is one of the most inspirational stories ever.

Oh. My. God.

Is this a true story??

It is indeed. (x) And she’s written a fantastic piece about body image. (x)

holy shit I didnt know that

This is too amazing to NOT reblog, so inspiring.

That is amazing.

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grumpycathos asked:

Happy birthday darling! I hope you have a wonderful day and a year full of good and beautiful things <3 i'll make something nice for you at some point, it's on the list!


Thank you dear! <3 :-)


Happy Birthday commonplacecaz!

This is part one of your gift, part two of which is the t-shirt that this will look awesome on.

Have a beautiful day- you deserve every minute of the constant stream of pretty words I’m sure you are already getting.

*windmills backwards* SQUEAKING SO LOUD

wearing this will totally make up for the fact that they can’t win for shit