Cat blackmail.

65 minutes written out! Just need to do conclusions! Have buffer either way for too much material/too little material and talking too fast!

I’ll practice in the morning. Right now I’m gonna go watch Indiana Jones on bluray.

50 minutes done. Dinner break.

[sorry if this sort of constant reportage is annoying, btw - I find it helps a lot for me to keep mental and physical track of my progress on projects, even if it’s just by posting this sort of inane stuff]

25 minutes of the lecture are firmed up. I was aiming for 60 (out of 75) but I seem to have 70 planned out? 

Sweet. *does a little boogie around the living room*

This might be the best schoolroom graffiti I’ve ever seen.

In a fit of idiotic horrible no-good anti-self-preservation, I decided to spend my entire morning catching up on Internets instead of working on the lecture. T-minus exactly 24 hours and I have an approved outline, but not much body.

Le sigh. The curse of needing the Manic Writing Frenzy strikes again. Any messages or fun things you might want to send me today would be much appreciated….

[I was also just reminded that NaNoWriMo starts in a month, ARGH]

[and I’m sorry but I am so not down on this ‘yay it’s Halloween month’ thing I mean our local stores started having deals on candy two weeks ago and it is just fucking ridiculous]

[grumpity grump grump]

I’m probably going to stay off of Tumblr - and most of my sites, come to think of it - until the lecture is done with. See you on Thursday, hopefully Not Dead?